» Baileys

Evolving digital relationship marketing through conversations, rich media, video, online advertising in different languages, e-mail, delightful interactions and great feedback from real people who love Baileys® in the UK and Europe.

» The Design Council

A new win for Chemistry and a new way of working. Facebook, blogs, syndicated content and other "digital sauce" combining to stimulate debates, drive traffic and get people talking design and business.

» Emirates

Online advertising and interactive ideas from branding, to tactical to viral (and other stuff in between). Just a taster to start.

» Berkeley Homes

Another interactive win for Chemistry and great way to spend that 2 million you have burning a hole in your back pocket. We look forward to making more rich and interactive showpieces for tjis great client.

» Transport for London

Promoting new ways to travel and informing millions about how to get the best out of London and its transport system needs to be done in a more engaging and imaginative way. Chemistry has been working with Tfl for a while now in evolving communications and the growth of digital has been part of this process.

» launches

Phase 1 of went live on the fifth of April to support the new One Army Recruiting strategy. Still a lot to do but it seems to be working (the numbers are good!)

» Watercooler roulette

One of the pitch ideas for a viral campaign. Look out for it when Publicis Dialog / Modem / whatever get to make it (fingers crossed).

» Assorted Recent Army work

Screensavers,, directories banner advertising and other bits of work that we've been up to since we won the Army pitch and while we work on the big projects we've got coming up soon..

» Army on Everest

To support the British Army's expedition to tackle Everest by the West Ridge we made interactive banners and skyscrapers you could play with, XML newsfeed ads, streaming video MPUs and explorable expand banners and MPUs.

» Officer Qualities

The Army wanted to recruit future officers with the right qualities of leadership, judgement etc. We created an interactive campaign at the heart of the advertising. Potential recruits were challenged by in video by real officers to respond to real situations. We also supported it with online ads that posed dilemmas based around the medium. So far the campaign has won a Revolution Award for Best online advertising campaign (plus a highly commended for the Creative Award),2 Meribel Advertising Festival Cristal Awards and a Creative Circle Silver for Multimedia. It has also received a BIMA nomination for best Online Advertising and a Direct Marketing Smart Award nomination for Best in e-marketing (which we actually won for Infantry Realty iTV). .

» Interactive TV for Army/COI

Two DALs – "Discover" for Army/TA was one of Campaign Magazine's Top 10 Interactive TV pieces for 2005, while "Reality iTV" for the Infantry was/is still first in Marketing Magazine's iTV recall chart for several months with scores of 40%, and has just won a Smart Award for Best use of e-marketing and been nominated for a Campaign Digital award.

» Renault

The Espace is a big MPV. So big they can put a cinema in the back. Here is some Entertainment Pack work based on the idea that interactive ads really should be interactive.

» Viral/CRM game of Pass the Parcel for McArthurGlen

McArthurGlen are Europe’s leading designer outlet store owners. This viral game/CRM programme drove brand awareness and data capture for Christmas. And has been nominated for an ISP award.

» Post Office

Fun with Ants. I've been brand guardian on the Post Office for over a year now, it is a great brand with a lot of consumer trust. Various campaigns can be seen here, for the Post Office's travel, phone and credit card products.

» Quorn Blog

Channeling my inner 15 year old girl and copywriting a "blog" for Kerry, the character from the Quorn TV and press advertising. References to Arcade Fire and penguins abound.

» Sauza Tequila

Sauza Tequila wanted a big idea and we gave it to them. They asked for another slightly less big idea, and we gave it to them. They then decided they didn't want an idea but a very simple site. So we gave it to them. You can see it all here.

» Publicis

Everybody loves an inhouse job. When the dust settled we ended up with a simple site without bells and whistles and flashterbation. Hopefully the next incarnation will be better.

» Rough Trade Records/Hal

A freelance job where I did the art direction, flash build and XML content integration. MP3 players, galleries and parallax scrolling.

» Cadbury

The Eggmeister landed. Then took the budget away. We built some of it anyway but we're saving our big idea for when he returns next year.

» Canadian Club

Website for the Beam owned whiskey brand. Dark and simple HTML.

» HP

Banners, microsites and a "viral" film. There was also the PSG pitch with an explorable mystery biography. Some screenshots are here.

» Kellogg's

Before I moved to Publicis Dialog I worked at a company called IMC. We did work for Kellogg's. Lots of work for no budget and with few internal resources. I did interactive, 3D animation and print creative, flash and web development, strategy and client contact, constantly pitching and selling the work at MD and General Manager level. I was very tired. But I am proud of the work and what we achieved. I can still be heard beginning sentences with "when I was working for Kellogg's", please slap me if I do.

» Shell

Another IMC client. This time it was 3D design and advertising/POS creative for the Shell Helix brand. I designed giant iconic-style mechandising units for a global campaign. Massive bottles. Also did pitching and client liason work. In the end they only built them in Brazil. If you go there you might see one knocking around the back of a petrol station.

» Other Print, Web, Animation and 3D work

A collection of IMC and freelance work. Clients include Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Gourmet Garden, the Jamaican Trade organisation (Flavours of Jamaica), Perrier and Aquastella, Unilever, Unipath, Boots Healthcare International, Condomi and Carlsberg.

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The website of Robin Garms, my partner and creative director at Publicis.

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Photographer, and retoucher. And a friend.

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