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Sauza Tequila wanted a big idea and we gave it to them. They asked for another slightly less big idea, and we gave it to them. They then decided they didn't want an idea but some brochureware. So we gave it to them. (this is not the site we did - it launches soon at this URL).

» Fortune Card Route

The Sauza website was to be encapsulated by a deck of cards, reminiscent of the Tarot, illustrated in a classic Frida/Mexican style. Each Tequila in the Sauza family would be represented by a unique card; special promotions such as Cinco de Mayo and the Mexican Day of the dead would also be represented by their own cards. There would be cards to represent the History, Art, and Manufacture of Tequila. Each section of the website, as well as being integrated into a simple navigational structure, would also be represented by a card in the deck.

On entering the website the deck would be stacked to one side of the screen; an animation would show a random hand of cards being laid out on the screen face down. Once age Verification has been passed the cards would turn over and reveal their faces. Every hand dealt by the deck would be different but weighting would be built into the randomisation engine to ensure that major cards appear more often, or in the case of current promotions, in every hand. As the user clicked on the cards to explore the content they would be placed face upwards on the deck where they will remain as a breadcrumb navigation trail. At any time the user could click on the deck to redeal the previous hand, or if they are on the home page the deck would shuffle itself and deal an entirely new hand.

Users could rearrange the layout of the cards at any time by dragging them by their edges, or clicking on the central hotspot to access the content. Special layouts for the cards could be discovered throughout the site and when the user placed the cards in this position they would unlock hidden content and bonuses.

The idea was designed to be rolled out to in-bar promotions, collectable bespoke card packs, press and TV.

Sauza Tequila Tarot Cards Sauza Tequila Tarot Cards Sauza Tequila Tarot CardsSauza Tequila Tarot Cards

» Sauza Unite Shotglass Route

After the age check section that encourages those over drinking age to join a sociable virtual round, a series of randomly positioned tequila glasses move in and unite to signal the main navigation. At the moment they line up the individual characters forming their navigation labels fly in and form the appropriate words. The glasses then move into a random cluster in the middle of the “table” where they move in response to the mouse and each other, clinking when they come together. When the user moves over a glass it freezes and the other glasses are drawn to it mimicking the social nature of the tequila experience. The appropriate label then assembles itself and the visitor is thus drawn into an act of exploration and interaction with the Sauza brand. (A quick navigation would also be available at the bottom of the screen).

On selecting the appropriate section the glasses stop moving and the secondary level of content then flies in and unites above them. This content will be randomly positioned (within pre-defined areas) to give the feeling of flexibility, movement and outlaw spirit. The secondary layers graphically reflect the nature of the content with a dark traditional feel for 3G, a lighter modern feel for Hacienda, and a cooler, more popular look for the promotion & news areas. Selection of 3G is also reflected in a change in the table navigation where the shot glasses will become riedel glasses and the table surface rich wood.

Sauza Tequila Shot glasses Sauza Tequila Shot Glasses Sauza Tequila Shot GlassesSauza Tequila Shot GlassesSauza Tequila Shot Glasses

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