» Assorted Army work

I'm currently working on the new wave of Army work - various projects and large site builds - but in the meantime here are a few projects that have gone live recently

First of all there is a TA Fitness microsite to get people going in the new year. and loose those Xmas pounds. The numbers have been boggling – huge numbers of sign ups for the programme and great feedback. And, even better, loads of people have been asking about and joining the TA. And now it has an NMA effectiveness award nomination.

We also have an Landing page/microsite/ad/data capture for Camouflage, an Army youth programme and magazine.

Some Campus Media Screensavers designed to give IT departments nightmares. Called Alert, Firewall and Blue Screen of Death. Yes they are old fashioned but they do lay the old officer work to bed.

And a online recruitment directories campaign from way back of which there are a couple of executions below:

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The website of Robin Garms, my partner and creative director at Publicis.

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