» Transport for London

Transport for London need to educate and inform millions of people about various initiatives - things that will help them get around London and things that will save them money and benefit them.

One recent campaign we have done involves Oyster Auto Top Up. Using an iTunes incentive and a simple idea that got picked up on Flickr and blogs around the world (well New York and Asia anyway) we helped drive Oyster card users to simplify their journeys and tax their brains for the worst music puns possible. Amy Limehouse anyone?

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The website of Robin Garms, my partner and creative director at Publicis.

» Nick Cave

The greatest singer songwriter ever. Well I think so.

» Giles Angel

Photographer, and retoucher. And a friend.

» Holy Moly

Rules of modern life.

» La Maison des Beaux Arts

Bed and breakfast and holiday apartments in Nontron, Dordogne.