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We made this film as part of the Troja campaign - new large format printers for designers and photographers. The idea was to create two characters - Berthold and Max, one a designer, the other a photographer - who shared a studio and a intense obsession with accuracy and detail. We would then attribute the HP advertising campagin to them, make a site for their studio, blogs, write abusive letters to Creative Review about the quality of their printing - the usual stuff. In the end they were deemed to controversial but we were asked to make the film that would appear at the end of the campaign as a sort of sign off.
Other HP work can be seen here.

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The website of Robin Garms, my partner and creative director at Publicis.

» Nick Cave

The greatest singer songwriter ever. Well I think so.

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Photographer, and retoucher. And a friend.

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» La Maison des Beaux Arts

Bed and breakfast and holiday apartments in Nontron, Dordogne.