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My girlfriend loves Baileys® and has kindly offered to take part in any sampling activity. Unfortunately for her I work on the virtual side of things so she'll have to buy her own. We've been busy working with the client to evolve Relationship Marketing using digital to break away from old-school 'email - microsite - STAF' techniques to a achieve a longer term conversation and real mutual relationship. On the way we have let people discover more about themselves and create works of art, helped them make free play-lists and download music, provided a wealth of tips and tricks to make getting together even better (while checking out the weather) and provided counsellors so they can have a better Valentine's Day. And the big things are just around the corner.

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The website of Robin Garms, my partner and creative director at Publicis.

» Nick Cave

The greatest singer songwriter ever. Well I think so.

» Giles Angel

Photographer, and retoucher. And a friend.

» Holy Moly

Rules of modern life.

» La Maison des Beaux Arts

Bed and breakfast and holiday apartments in Nontron, Dordogne.